It’s taken me nearly 30 years of sitting at desks to realize that I’ve been sitting at desks for THAT LONG. You’ve heard the sad, morbid warnings of sitting for hours on end. Most are based on research, and I am big fan of science and facts. Scary statistics to do little to motivate me. I need motivation that’s a little more…friendly? Happy, even! I am really truly honestly trying to let my brain work while my body moves by going for regular walks. Outdoors, when possible. Admittedly, this is much easier to accomplish during spring, summer, and fall months with a Midwest address.

Step Away From the Desk

Cup of coffee, bathroom break, refill the water bottle, have a snack, empty the dishwasher, pull out the ole laptop in another room. When I start talking or whisper-shouting to myself, it is absolutely time to STEP AWAY. Slowly. Release the mouse. Set a timer and get outta there.

"Please step away from the desk" print by Katie Kassel

Get Some Sun in Your Eyes

I feel better mentally and sleep better after even a small amount of time spent outdoors. I would advise some fabulous shades and/or a hat for this step, but you get the idea. I feel more alert just being outside for a few.

"Get some sun in your eyes" print by Katie Kassel

Time to Go For a Walk

Very few tasks cannot wait 15 minutes. I am terrible guilty of thinking and doing the whole “I’m in the middle of this so I’ll just slog through until I’m done.” Some situations call for this. But usually a walk breaks loose whatever obstacle I was mentally running into.

"Take time to go for a walk" print by Katie Kassel

What are some things you do during the workday to refresh your mind and body?