It’s been a minute, or three years, since I stretched my blogging muscle and I am itching to get back in the swing of things. My old blog “Oh My Heavens” was adorable, and super simple, but I LOVED sharing my favorite things. I am focused on web design these days and decided that a gal who designs websites should probably have a decent digital portfolio of her own. So I finally redesigned my own website. And there was big, blog-sized hole in the navigation bar (and in my heart) so here we are.

Things You Will Find on My Blog

Design Projects

A large part of why I wanted to jump back into blogging was to document and share projects I’m currently working on or have completed. You’ll see anything from wedding invitation suites to envelopes addressed in calligraphy to custom beer labels.


Design inspiration comes to me in so many forms. Colors, signage, packaging, fonts, clothing, photography, patterns, textiles, life events. I love to curate little collections of visuals with like colors, styles, etc. I will be clear about content that I’ve personally created versus images I’ve curated as inspiration.

Trends and Processes

In an attempt to help others or share insight, I may share my design process(es) or trends that I’m seeing/liking. I’m always up for new design techniques or better understanding a concept so I hope to learn a thing or two along the way.

Things You Will Not Find on My Blog


I am a terrible cook and I accepted that fact many years ago. I memorized a couple reliable (and delicious!) cookie recipes that have served me very well. I don’t do crazy food trends or weird diets, thus I will not share step-by-step recipes of food fads. I eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast every morning so I can work in some captivating images of the Maple & Brown Sugar goodness if that peaks your interest.


Um, yeah, this is a design blog. Also, I don’t think one individual’s Facebook status has ever changed another individual’s views on important matters so we’ll stick to weddings and web trends.

Perfect grammar

I am not an editor or a copywriter. I am, however, an educated individual blogging. For fun. In my free time. Thus, a few grammatical errors may slip through the cracks or I might misspell something in my haste to share my latest breakthrough. My tone will be conversational… and maybe a little sarcastic at times.

OKAY, ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? Thanks so much for checking out my creative space. My design blog is meant to share projects and to document things I like. My design blog is not meant to make any other person feel bad about themselves or “less than” in any way. I’m really, super, way-far-away from perfect so don’t misunderstand pretty pictures or big life events for a perfect life. I might share some personal things, but remember that I’m choosing what I share and keeping the rest (good, bad, or otherwise) private. I don’t intend to share my deepest feelings, give life-changing advice, or complain about trivial things. Heck, my mom might be the only person that ever reads this, and I’m really okay with that. (Love you, mom!) Next time you hear from me, I’ll have something more exciting to look at than a picture of my left shoulder.