I just needed a small dose of “pretty” in my day today or a break from thinking or both so here we go. It may seem cheesy or unnecessary but I like to create a mood board when I’m brainstorming for new projects and coming up with concepts for how something will look and feel. (Also, I love Pinterest, which only fuels my mood board fire). I think putting some images together helps to get the ideas flowing and makes it easier to nail down details that are just floating around in my head. Mood boards also serve as a great reference when you’re 3/4 of the way through a project, feeling stuck or uninspired. You can look back and say “Oh yeah, that’s what I was shooting for!”

I created this board for wedding invitations I designed during the winter months. The colors alone made me excited… Sunshine?! Green things growing?! Sign me up. The bride and groom got married in Texas in March. The images in this post are curated and collected from around the web, not my own, and used for inspiration. I have linked to the sources I could find at the bottom of the post.

Details From the Bride

Emerald green, sunshine yellow, outdoors, Texas, spring, laid back

My Initial Concepts

Nature, natural, outdoors, flourish, green, flowers, garden party, white, sunset, bright, grain, texture, relaxed

Wedding Mood Board

Mood board for Wedding Invitation Inspiration

stripes / tent / striped awning / clothespins

You can see what became of these inspiration pieces when I share the final, completed wedding invitation set and the elements that made them unique to the

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